Chicago weather: Deep freeze continues, snow expected

February 1, 2013 3:00:25 PM PST
Extreme cold hangs on in the Chicago area as snow moves into the area this weekend.

The snow is expected to start overnight Friday into Saturday, and more is expected. Two to three inches could accumulate. "I think we'll get about two inches by daybreak tomorrow," ABC7 meteorologist Mike Caplan said.

Until then, it's just plain cold.

"Actually, it's really, really cold out here," Fredrick Brisco said, "and I love this cold weather."

"It's freezing. I walked down to 900 North Michigan this morning and my face was on fire. It's just very, very cold," Megan Rogers said.

Single digit temperatures and artic winds made it tough for anyone who works outside.

"Two pairs of socks, pair of pants, thermal jogging pants, my coat jacket, thermal T-shirt. I'm alright," Antonie Posey, bike messenger, said.

For those without a warm place to sleep, it's not alright. Brenda Taylor is homeless.

"There's really nothing I can do. Sometimes I sleep on the train. Sometimes I go to a shelter. There's really nothing I can do," Taylor said.

The Pacific Garden Mission and other shelters expect to have a full house this weekend.

"Our building capacity is 1,000. However, we have not turned anyone away. When we run out of beds, we put mats on the floors. We have extra space for that," Mike Dunn, Pacific Garden Mission, said.

Still while heeding the warnings to be safe, some decided to embrace winter in the city.

"Chicago's one of the best cities. Why waste a day, even if it's cold? Alex Siarris, ice skater, said.