2 teen girls shot dead in separate shootings

February 18, 2013 9:18:44 AM PST
Two separate shootings have claimed the lives of two young Chicago women.

Both teenagers were killed hours after President Barack Obama was in Chicago to give a gun violence speech.

Janay McFarlane's sister attended the speech. The 18-year-old was killed in North Chicago. Frances Colon was gunned down on the city's West Side. The families of both say the teens were unintended targets.

She is the third Roberto Clemente High School student shot and killed this year.

Frances Colon's dreams of becoming a lawyer ended when the 18-year-old was caught in cross fire in Humboldt Park.

"She was picking out her class ring, she was excited for her cap and gown, she was going to college," said Colon's mother, Dorothy Payton.

Colon was killed two hours after she saw President Obama's helicopters fly by after he gave his gun violence speech in Hyde Park.

Colon's father drove by his daughter's crime scene not knowing at the time, she was the victim.

I saw a white cloth on top of body did not know that was my daughter," Jose Colon said.

There is another set of parents experiencing the same grief after Janay McFarlane was shot to death in North Chicago hours after the 18-year-old's little sister attended Obama's speech.

"All this gun violence going on, you never think it would be your child," said Herbert McFarlane. "This is the hardest thing for me in my life."

Herbert McFarlane says it is especially hard because his 3-month-old grandson, who wears an "I love Mommy" t-shirt, will grow up without his mother. Janay was killed in North Chicago where she was visiting her dad and her cousin.

"It hurts, she was like my sister, we were supposed to go prom shopping the next morning," said Janay's cousin, Leasja Hammoc.

"I'm in Lake County to get away from violence and now it happened I Lake County where I moved to," Herbert McFarlane said.

Janay and her new baby split their time between Lake County and her mother's house on the South Side..

"I felt like someone took a knife and stabbed me in the heart and a piece of my heart I will never get back," said Angela Blakely, Janay's mother.

Janay McFarlane's mother says Hadiya Pendleton's death was a wake-up call for her daughter. After the crime made national headlines, Angela Blakely says Janay began to ask her many questions about her own mortality.

Sunday, North Chicago Police were questioning two people in connection with Janay's death.

No one is in custody for Frances Colon's murder.