Chicago truck vandals caught on surveillance camera

February 19, 2013 2:54:12 PM PST
Vandals caused damage to trucks at a company on Chicago's Southwest Side. Police are looking at video from a surveillance camera that caught a possible suspect in the act.

Busted headlights. Broken dashboards. Severed breaks. This is the damage that was waiting for employees of Adan's Trucking company when they reported for work early Tuesday morning.

Six delivery trucks were vandalized. That's half of the fleet in this family-owned business, which transports frozen foods to grocery stores.

"They took a hammer that was in a truck, and it looks like that's what they used to damage as much as they could," said Yamili Saucedo of Adan's Trucking.

Upon further inspection, the family realized nothing was taken. They are looking for clues as to who vandalized the trucks and why, searching video taken from surveillance cameras on the property.

But there is only a quick flash of someone walking around a truck. The timestamp says midnight.

In the meantime, the Saucedo family is scrambling to make what deliveries they can.

"If one truck is down, we feel it," said Saucedo.

The Saucedos are hoping whoever is responsible for the vandalism is found. They called police but say officers responded after several calls.

"After being on the phone for two and a half hours, we were told we can't send anyone out to look at the damage because no one's hurt, the intruder, the suspect is not with you," Saucedo said.

That keeps in line with the new policy of the Chicago Police Department to direct people calling about property damage to the Alternate Response Section. That way officers are freed up to deal with the most serious crimes.