Michelle Obama gets Chicago students moving at McCormick Place

February 28, 2013 8:47:46 PM PST
First Lady Michelle Obama jogged on stage Thursday in her hometown of Chicago as she announced her Let's Move!

Thousands of students packed McCormick Place to see Obama.

"I was so happy of seeing Michelle Obama. This is my first time seeing her and it's so interesting," Manuel Ramirez said.

The First Lady's message: life is about choices --how you live, and what you eat.

"Whether you sit around all day playing video games or get up and move your bodies. These are all the choices that will be determine who you become and what you can achieve," Obama said.

The first lady mingled and moved with students. The high-energy celebration included a parade of star athletes like Bo Jackson, gymnast Dominique Dawes and tennis star Serena Williams. They spoke about making healthy choices and favorite activities. For Williams, it was dodge ball.

"I loved throwing balls at people and running away," Williams said. "It was just a great time!"

Olympic Gold Medalist Gabby Douglas talked about playing dancing video games, while 49ers Quarterback Colin Kaepernick just start moving.

"The biggest thing about staying active is going out and having fun," Colin Kaepernick said.

Let's Move Active Schools, www.letsmoveschools.org, is a program through a public/private partnership to bring physical fun to schools. Nike is donating $50 million to bring fitness programs to 50,000 schools.

"The full school day finally allows us to give kids algebra and athletics...and we never had that before in our whole school system," Mayor Rahm Emanuel said.

Kids and adults had fun. "Awesome! It inspired me to stop being lazy and go exercise," Chicago student Alex Alonso said.

"Our school is has a component of health and wellness. We're just looking forward to being part of this initiative," Breanne Dale, teacher at Lavizzo Elementary School, said.