CPD to keep public aware of the number of seized illegal weapons

March 3, 2013 7:37:04 PM PST
Chicago police will continue updating the public about the number of illegal weapons it seizes during criminal investigations, CPD Superintendent Garry McCarthy said Sunday.

According to McCarthy, Chicago police far outpace both New York City and Los Angeles police in finding and seizing illegal firearms.

It is a credit to the men and women of the department but also a symptom of the city's status as being home to too many illegal weapons, he said.

"There's too many guns coming in here and not enough punishment on the back end. So we're going to show the guns again and we're going to show you pictures of more people who are either shooting people or victims of gunfire who shouldn't have been on the streets," McCarthy said at a fundraiser for the Chicago Police Enforcers football team.