Chicago choir might get to sing for next pope

March 4, 2013 3:04:04 AM PST
At St. Gregory the Great Church on Chicago's North Side, a once in a lifetime trip began with a simple letter from the Vatican.

It was an invitation to sing for mass at St. Peter's Basilica in Rome in March and when Pope Benedict XVI decided to step down, they did the math and realized they may have incredible timing.

"We got the letter just before Christmas so it was the best Christmas present we could have received," choir director Patrick Godon said.

"We could be there to see the smoke too," choir member Mary Ann Doyle said.

St. Gregory the Great's choir is set to sing in Rome on March 17th. If the conclave to pick the next pope starts as some have suggested, on March 11th, that means there's a good chance they may be singing for the first mass celebrated by the new pope.

"Once in a lifetime, absolute once in a lifetime, I'm sure it will be breathtaking and I'll probably cry like a baby," Doyle said.

"It is so exciting to be part of this, and to wonder who the next pope will be, and which direction the church will take and how it will affect us," choir member Ellen Peirce said.

The timing is still up in the air so practices continue as they get ready to head to Rome.