Tips for safe snow removal

March 5, 2013 3:10:31 PM PST
It's important to keep safe while using a snow blower. These machines can do a lot of the work but you still have to be careful.

The best way to deal with heavy wet snow is to push and not lift with a shovel.

1. Always turn the machine off and wait at least five seconds before removing stuck snow and use something besides your hands to clear it out.

2. Use proper supervision. Don't leave it unattended when it is running.

3. Understand your machine and make sure you read the instruction manual before using.

4. Even though the machine is doing a lot of the work, you can still put stress and strain on your back, according to doctors.

5. Don't hunch over and try to watch out for those repetitive motions because it can tax your muscles and tendons.

Obviously this weather can make walking and getting around a challenge.

Experts say if you do feel yourself slipping and going down there is a way to lessen the impact of that fall.

"If you notice you are going down backwards you want to try and break the fall," Chiropractor Lavar Larks said. "That will decrease the likelihood you will encounter a traumatic head injury from hitting the ground. "

Larks also reminds people to think about the way they are walking.

Going from heel to toe will give you more stability compared to walking on your tip toes which a lot of people will do when they are unsure of a slippery surface.