Ambassadors teach energy saving techniques

March 7, 2013 10:01:39 AM PST
A ComEd energy efficiency education program is designed for and taught by individuals with developmental disabilities.

The first of its kind energy program started last fall with ambassadors from eight different disability organizations, educating both peers and staff at different events. Maurice Snell, an ambassador, is on staff at Chicago's Easter Seals therapeutic school.

"Being an ambassador is great thing I enjoy it because like giving back to like many different organizations to educate them," Snell said.

"I educate them on conserving energy," he said. "I also educate them on energy saving tips."

ComEd's President and CEO Anne Pramaggiore says it's the company mission to connect with all customers.

" Connected with in a new way, Misericordia, Easter Seals Special Olympics also allows us to connect with the community the disabled community and provide service to them and opportunity to learn energy efficiency," Pramaggiore said.

This fall, the ambassadors were at about 45 events and they will continue to go out.

"This June marks the end of the first year so that's milestone for us to take stock of what worked what do we need to adjust and what we can do to expand it," Pramaggiore said.