Jennifer Capriati accused of stalking, assaulting ex-boyfriend

Tennis star Jennifer Capriati is seen in this AP file image. ((AP Photo/Rusty Kennedy))

March 11, 2013 10:49:05 AM PDT
Jennifer Capriati, the former tennis star, is battling allegations that she stalked and assaulted an ex-boyfriend.

Capriati was a child phenom on the court. She was one of the top ten players in the world at only 14. But she has had her share of struggles off court.

She is being accused of whacking her former boyfriend Police say the 36-year-old tennis legend allegedly punched Ivan Brannan in the chest at the Oxygen Gym and Spa in North Palm Beach, Fla., on February 14 before a yoga instructor broke it up.

According to a police report, Brannan, a former college golfer, was able to flee, and lock himself in the men's locker room and call police, who noted Brannan's hands were shaking, and that it was apparent "he was in fear of physical harm."

According to the report Brannan, complained about Capriati stalking or harassing him seven times, saying that she even called his workplace 50 times in a single day in January and then showed up there and banged on the windows.

"I am sure that the police report is one-sided," said Capriati attorney Steven Sessa. "Once all the facts are examined, Ms. Capriati will be vindicated."

On Sunday, Brannan's former girlfriend, Christine Corely, who starred on Master Chef 2, claims Brannan cooked up unfounded allegations against her.

Corely tweeted to Capriati: "He is doing the same thing to you as he did to me!!"

Capriati responded: "He has gone too far trying to destroy our lives!!"

Corely wasn't charged with a crime. Capriati burst into the tennis world at the age of 13 and flamed out just three years later. She quit tennis and was arrested for marijuana possession and shoplifting in 1994.

But Capriati fought back, becoming the world No. 1 before quitting again and then overdosing on prescriptions meds in 2010.