Study: Some processed baby food has too much sodium

March 21, 2013 3:14:47 PM PDT
There is too much salt in the American diet and the sodium content in some toddler meals are as high as 40-percent of the daily recommended limit.

One would think that baby food is probably the best nutrition for your child. But findings presented to the American Heart Association are raising questions.

The study found nearly 70-percent of commercial baby foods for toddlers are high in sodium.

Researchers studied more than a 1000 food products for babies and toddlers.

Toddler meals were significantly higher in sodium than baby meals.

Some toddler meals had as much as 630-milligrams of sodium per serving which is 40-percent of the recommended limit for an entire day.

Researchers worry that high levels of sodium in a child's diet may cause high blood pressure and a preference for salty foods early in life.

Experts advise parents to read the nutrition labels on the foods to keep sodium intake under control.