Rihanna arrives late to Barrington H.S. appearance

March 22, 2013 8:23:05 PM PDT
Pop superstar Rihanna visited thousands of students at a suburban high school Friday, but her appearance to recognize a video the school produced also created some hostility from students who waited more than three hours for the singer to arrive.

Friday night, Rihanna was on stage at the United Center. During the day, she created quite a stir in Barrington.

They've been waiting for this concert, but don't want to wait too long.

"I hope she is here, on time," said Britnee Johnson.

On time or not, some understand being fashionably late.

"I'm late for everything so I totally understand," said Allison Burman.

But Rihanna's timing Friday afternoon at Barrington High School turned some students off.

Barrington students won a video contest for their volunteer work and as a reward, Rihanna promised a visit Friday. Students say she was late 4 hours and 20 minutes.

"I think it's very rude of her to do this," said Barrington High School junior Megan Defeo. "We worked really hard on our video and to win this contest and so for her not to show up after all of this - is really rude and disrespectful of her."

In a tweet, Rihanna blamed traffic, saying "the Chicago traffic is not working." Once there, she recognized the students' service.

"I think you guys coming together as one, not just for your school but for your communities. You reached out to other people," she said.

She also met with students at the school.

"Finally she came and it was brief but very nice and worthwhile, definitely worth the wait," said student Nicole Zero.

Friday night, some Barrington students are at the concert with no hard feelings at all whatsoever.

"I can't even believe that we're so lucky," said student Athenamarie Demeros. "For her to come to Barrington and then for us to be here and see her again, it's amazing."

The students received VIP passes, as well as autographed posters.