April Fool's Prank Ideas from ABC7 Viewers

April 1, 2013 10:37:34 AM PDT
We asked, you shared. Our viewers tell us the best pranks they've pulled, and the ones that fooled them.

Alessandra: My mom! She gave birth to me on April Fool's Day!

Philip: I told a client that the Suv thay had me using was impouded cause it had been involved in a armed robbery.

Larry: When I worked in restaurants, we made a new employee count a huge jar of olives under the guise of taking inventory.

Christine: All girls High School in the Chicago Area, we brought Alarm Clocks and set them all to go off at the same time in our lockers. It was the best ! The nuns were not too happy though.

Teri: The best April Fools prank I ever pulled was on my Mom. I am originally from California, and I lived in N.C. at the time. I told her I wasn't going to be able to come home for a visit for her birthday (which was April 5th) because I couldn't afford it. I showed up on her doorstep on April Fool's day at 8:00 a.m. The look on her face when she realized it wasn't a door-to-door salesman, but ME standing there was priceless! We had a wonderful visit.

Leslie: Toothpaste filled oreos. Some even dunked them in milk!

Joan: in middle school, I turned all the desks around in Spanish class before the teacher came in, and she left them that way all day! That was so fun!

Barbara: I sent my 6th grader out to catch the school bus this morning, being the Monday after Spring Break. 20 mins later, no other kids at the stop and no school bus! I re-checked the Plainfield school calendar. Huh? Off today. School resumes on Tuesday! We ALL got pranked this morning!!

Amy: everything in my managers office was turned upside down....he was great worked in his office like that all day...took it well, we had to put it back before we could go home though

John: Telling people Obama resigned this morning.

Thomasa: My mom, me, and my siblings, took the family van, and hid it from our step father and told him it was stolen. # memories

Sheila: Today I'm on the C.t.a bus this morning & the bus driver did something to the bus like it had broke down & everyone thought they was going to b late 4 work @ 4:00am.....then she said April fool:)

Anna: Changing my relationship status on Facebook!

Sandra: We were watching our neighbors apt and when he got home we told him his apt caught fire and well we pit out the fire and oh by the way your cat was slightly hurt not to bad he believed it till he opened the door

Tracy: Several years ago I told an employee our January salary increases were being reversed due to financial concerns. And he believed me!

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