Witness: Borizov said, 'Put one bullet in each of their heads'

April 25, 2013 (WHEATON, Ill.)

Witness, Jacob Nodarse says he was the killer and Borizov was the mastermind.

On a map, Nodarse pointed out where he parked his car the night he murdered three members of a Darien family.

"I was out there a little while, I was scared about what was about to happen," Nodardse said.

He was scared, but followed through with it anyways. An emotionless Nodarse explained in detail how he broke into the Kramers' home at 3a.m. on March 2, 2010, and then shot Jeffrey and Lori Kramer, and their son, Michael, 20. The 26-year old said he fired off a shot first then saw Jeffrey Kramer at the foot of the stairs.

"At that point I shot him in the torso, then I noticed Michael's mom… shot them both in the head," Nodarse said.

Michael Kramer was the last to be killed as other family members hid or escaped. Nodarse is considered the key witness in the case against his former friend, Borizov. Nodarse says Borizov planned the murders out of hatred for the Kramers. Borizov was in the middle of a bitter custody battle with the Kramer's daughter, Angela. Nodarse says Borizov gave him strict instructions..

"Put one bullet in each of their heads and make it look like it was done by a gangbanger," Nodarse said.

Nodarse told the jury he was afraid his own family would be killed if he didn't follow Borizov's orders. Nodarse returns to the witness stand Friday, where he is likely to be cross examined by the defense.

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