Thousands rally at Federal Plaza in Chicago Loop

May 8, 2013 4:09:57 PM PDT
Over 7,000 of people are rallying at Federal Plaza in Chicago's Loop to support charter schools in the City of Chicago.

The group Charter Parents United is currently marching towards Chicago Public School headquarters in downtown Chicago.

The group organized the protest to demand that the city continue funding charter schools.

"We are here to unite and claim our right to equal treatment for our public school students. If we all pay the same taxes, why are the 53,000 public school students in charter schools receiving less funding?" said Rhonda Coleman, CPU parent from Woodlawn. "We are here to tell CPS to stop treating us like second-class citizens and to support our children. We want more choice and more charter schools in Chicago."

Protesters say they're delivering 53,000 postcards of support to CPS headquarters, one for each student who attends a Chicago public charter school.