Relative of Hal Baskin, South Side activist, killed on Mother's Day

May 13, 2013 (CHICAGO)

Ronald Baskin was shot Sunday night in the 6500-block of South Green while visiting family members for Mother's Day.

Baskin is the great nephew of well-known anti-gang activist, and Englewood resident, Hal Baskin. Ronald Baskin was in a car, leaving a family member's home, when he was shot in the neck.

Ronald Baskin, 21, was shot down near 66th and Green as he was making the rounds, visiting family members. He had just left his great-grandmother's home and was on his way to visit other loved ones when the bullets hit.

Monday, Hal Baskin's friends who also knew Ronald Baskin shared their memories and talked about their loss. All of them are members of an anti-violence group which Hal is also a part of: the Englewood Political Task Force.

"He was never involved in any criminal or gang activities," said Englewood Political Task Force's Keith Harris. "He was a good kid, went to school, stayed out of trouble, the normal teenage boy, liked girls, and when he was in Englewood you would always see him with a couple of girls walking around, and that was it."

"It's hard to handle for anybody, but if you're a community activist and you've been out here beating these streets for 43 years and you're consoling everyone else's family, then it hits home," said Darryl Smith, the task force's president. "Who's there to console Hal right now?"

"Hal wants everybody to remain calm," said Harris. "He knows the family was well-liked, Ronald was well-liked, and emotions are running high...He's calling for peace."

Ronald Baskin lived in south suburban Lansing with other family members and was about to start school to become a barber. He is the fourth member of Hal Baskin's family to be murdered. Hal's brother and two other nephews were also lost to gun violence over the years.

Hal Baskin's 20-year-old grandson was also in the car at the time of the shooting. He did not get shot.

Police do not have any suspects in custody.

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