Hundreds join St. Sabina's march against Chicago violence

June 21, 2013

They march through the streets, not just to send a message of peace, but to be out on the streets where much of the violence happens.

Among those marching is Monica Russell who lost her 18-year-old son David to gun violence.

Police have made no arrests in her son's murder. Nor have they arrested anyone for the killing of Genie Hernandez' son Lino. That's why she's here Friday night.

While Father Pfleger is a Catholic priest, he is challenging all churches across the city to join in.

But marches are only part of the strategy Father Michael Pfleger uses to fight violence.

In the basement of his church, St. Sabina, about 300 area teens are taking part in a job training program Friday afternoon.

"We can't afford to not try, because kids are dying, kids are being shot," said Father Pfleger.

Former gang member Al Porche was brought to the program after he says Father Pfleger helped him avoid jail time for a drug conviction.

Police say violent crime statistics are down so far this year.

But Father Pfleger points to the seven people shot just last night as evidence that as the weather gets warmer, violence in Chicago often increases.

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