July 15, 2013

Jeff Eckerling is the CEO of He's showing us the most popular dog toys for the beach and summer fun.


Toy 1 - Outward Hound Lifejacket: This lifejacket keeps water-loving pups safe - -it provides flotation and buoyancy for your dog as he enjoys the water. The lifejacket size is adjustable.

Toy 2 - KONG wet wubba toys: These toys are made to get wet. They are covered in neoprene – a wetsuit fabric – for play in the water this summer. Perfect for interactive tugging and fetching. They dry quickly once out of the water.

Toy 3 - Epi-Pet Sun Protector Spray: This is the only FDA compliant sunscreen for dogs. It is water and sweat repellent. It can be sprayed at any angle including upside down.

Toy 4 - Water Ski Rope Leash: This leash is perfect for a day at the beach or on the boat with your dog. It floats and its waterproof. It's a great way to keep your dog safe and controlled while playing in and around the water.

Toy 5 - Hydro Toys: These hydro toys are made of molded rubber with foam cores that absorb and hold water, which is released through small holes when dogs chew them. Hydro toys quench your dog's thirst as he plays, plus they can be frozen, which works well on hot days.

Toy 6 - Jolly Flyer – This flyer floats on water – it won't puncture or rip but will be soft on the dogs teeth. It comes in two sizes and two colors: orange and blue.

Toy 7 - Pooch Tube – This Pooch Tube is made of puncture-resistant material – it's a fun toy for land or water. You can fling it, float it, or tug it. It comes in 3 sizes.

Toy 8 - Jolly Bone – The jolly bone is a new toy made of durable non-toxic rubber that stands up to a ferocious bite. This durable bone also floats on water - it can be stretched, twisted, chewed, tugged and bounced – but it always goes back to its original shape.

Toy 9 - Chuckit Water Toys - This boomerang and bumper are easy to throw – they practically float through the air. They are great for water use – they are floatable and come in bright colors that stand out no matter where you toss it. Both toys are easy on pups' mouths and gums, so they can be used all summer long.

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