Deerfield water supply contaminated, boil order in effect until further notice

August 12, 2013 (DEERFIELD, Ill.)

The Village of Deerfield says its water supply has become contaminated with fecal coliform bacteria, which can make residents sick -- especially those with weakened immune systems. Officials in Deerfield say they will be conducting 10 tests over the next 24 hours, but it may be Wednesday at noon before the village's water supply is given the all clear.

The boil order is forcing many restaurants and coffee houses to close their doors. Those that haven't closed are boiling all their water.

"All of our ice bins were emptied, we had ice brought in from Chicago. We had a bunch of Cokes and Sprites brought in as well," said Benny Arifi, Bobby's Deerfield Restaurant.

The village says fecal matter, either human or animal, contaminated Deerfield's water supply, but it's not clear how.

Residents like Alfi Uziel are stocking-up on bottled water. The thought of showering in the contaminated H20 is not appealing.

"We're planning what to do with our morning routing, bathroom and stuff. Maybe a lot of perfume will cover our scent," said Alfi Uziel, Deerfield resident.

"It's a bit disturbing to be honest with you. Something like this hasn't happened here before. Certainly want to know why," said Dave Schaefer, Deerfield resident.

At Cooker's, the boil order comes as owner Michael Daya is already enduring summer construction on busy Lake-Cook Road. It's a double-blow to business.

"Basically losing about 20-percent of my sales," said Michael Daya, owner, Cooker's.

People should boil water it for at least one minute, then let it cool before using.

The village says boiled water should be used for drinking, brushing teeth, making ice, washing dishes and for food preparation until further notice. The health department says the water is safe for bathing.

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