Back-to-School Educational Apps

August 16, 2013

Learn with Homer (Free, with subscription-based content)

Brand new app developed by the former head of the New York City Public School Fund and somebody who contributed to writing the Common Core Standard for English and Language. This app teaches foundational reading skills to toddlers with minimal literacy skills. Rather than using rote learning and memorization, the app has read-along stories, field trips, and parent assessment tools to track progress.

Questimate! (free with premium subscription-based content)

Math and trivia app for Elementary School and Middle School Students answer a series of nearly impossible questions by calculating educated guesses to the answers. Players can also create their own questions to stump each other. Created by Motion Math Games, which has similar math estimation games for 5--to-15 year olds.

Zoomingo (free with premium subscription-based content)

Identifies sales at more than 50,000 retailers across the country including Walmart, Target and Kohl's. Just released an update to include "Back to School"-specific sales and coupons for at home research or shopping on the go.

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