Lake Michigan waterspouts spotted near Kenosha

September 12, 2013 (KENOSHA, Wis.)

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Two professional photographers with the Kenosha News were rolling as the rare weather phenomena unfolded.

"I'm getting soaked but I'm still shooting," said Diane Giles, photographer, Kenosha News.

"I've seen small wispy water spouts on the lake but nothing that size," said Kevin Poirier, photographer, Kenosha News.

Such a site, that even amateur photographers beamed with excitement.

"It was marvelous, amazing, stupendous, it was all great!" said Mario Torress, witness. "I was living out that childhood fantasy, and when you do that, I guess you're not scared of the danger."

But the danger is real.

"Today's warnings were specific, stating that there was potential for water spouts, so we had those going up to mariners every 15 minutes," said Chief Petty Officer Alan Haraf, U.S. Coast Guard.

Chief Petty Officer Haraf says there was one report of a boat near the spouts, but a Coast Guard search turned up nothing.

"It was an incredible spout. I've never seen a waterspout so defined in the Midwest, let alone anywhere," said Chief Petty Officer Haraf.

And amateurs alike agree.

"Best day off ever, I could have been stuck at work and not been able to see it," said Torres. "Definitely I feel amazing about the whole thing!"

The tornado over water started as two waterspouts and morphed into one. It remained on Lake Michigan for about 10 minutes before fizzling out.

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