Fall-like weather for Chicago's busy weekend

September 13, 2013 (CHICAGO)

The sun is shining, but it is cooler and very windy along North Avenue Beach. It's much cooler than yesterday and Chicago is preparing for a fall-like weekend. If your plans involve being outdoors, grab a jacket.

Nebraska residents Molly Mahannah and Stephen Mattison are in Chicago this weekend for Riot Fest in Humboldt Park. They were not expecting the cooler weather.

"I wish I would have brought a jacket," said Molly Mahannah, Nebraska resident.

"I don't mind it, it's not like it's freezing. It's nice out, I think," said Stephen Mattison, Nebraska resident.

From shorts and tank tops, to long pants, long shirts and even jackets-- all in less than 24 hours. It's time to think fall in Chicago.

"I like this weather, it's not too hot, not too cold, I can still come out outside looking cute with a little vest. I'm just having fun, it's pleasant," said Raychel Boyd, loving the fall-like weather.

With so much in store for the weekend, including a White Sox game on Friday, an Illinois game at Soldier Field on Saturday, the Bears on Sunday, NASCAR and golf, it's hard to imagine not spending time outside.

Taylor Bishop is on the South Shore Drill Team. The group is headed up to Wisconsin this weekend, and she actually loves the cooler temps.

"It's better to have cooler weather because when we have to practice in the sun, it's hot," said Taylor Bishop, who enjoys the cooler temperatures.

But for some, the cooler weather was a bit of a shock.

"Before I stepped outside the weather seems to be beautiful because the sun was shining, but when I stepped outside it was 52 degrees, brrrr!" said Eleonora Serwanski, surprised by the weather.

And for outdoor merchants at Daley Plaza, it means less business than usual, even during the normally busy lunch hour.

"I don't know what to even expect during the lunch time, because now there is like nobody here. I know it's lunch time, they got cold getting to work and now it's like, OK, I'm not gonna do it again!" said Monika Skorski, Amber Treasures.

If you're headed to the lakefront this weekend, prepare for strong winds, dangerous waves and chilly temperatures. The National Weather Service issued a Beach Advisory through Friday night, which may explain why North Avenue Beach was a bit deserted on Friday afternoon.

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