Eugene Mullins guilty on all but 1 charge in Cook County corruption trial

September 18, 2013 (CHICAGO)

After 48 hours of deliberations, jurors found Mullins guilty on seven counts- three counts of wire fraud and four counts of receiving illegal kickbacks.

"That doesn't change our belief in Eugene's innocence," Brunell Donald-Kyei, defense attorney, said.

Mullins had denied the charges and said he did not have the ability to sign off on Cook County contracts. He also said he was not having financial difficulties in 2009 when the alleged kickbacks occurred.

"He was a public official who abused the public trust for his own gain," Lindsay Jenkins, federal prosecutor, said.

Stroger never took the stand to defend Mullins, who often acted as Stroger's spokesperson.

The defense said evidence was excluded from the trial that would have showed Mullins acted appropriately.

"I believe that this case was always about Todd Stroger," Donald-Kyei said.

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