New iPhones worth the wait for local Apple fans

September 20, 2013 (CHICAGO)

One is the iPhone 5s, which is said to be faster, more secure, and has a beefed-up camera. The other version is the less expensive, iPhone 5c, which comes in several different colors.

It's apple's latest iPhone creation, with two new phones hitting the market at the same time.

"I love the phone, I'm going to trade in my phone. I'll only pay $30 some dollars for the phone," said Eric Brisco.

For die-hard iPhone lovers, it meant waiting in long lines for hours, all over again.

So what makes the newer iPhone better?

"It's faster, it's twice as fast as the iPhone 5 and the second is the camera, the colors look much more real, and the third is the fingerprint scan," said AT&T general manager Christina Cheng.

With iPhone thefts on the rise lately, what iPhone and AT&T customers like Mike Doolin are glad to hear the new iPhone is a lot more secure.

"Then if they want to do something with it they can't get into it. It has your fingerprint on it," Doolin said.

A new activation locking feature is also available on both the new phone and to older model iPhone users through the phones IOS7 upgrade.

"The 'Find My Phone' feature. Once you turn it on you cannot turn it off unless you log back into your Apple ID ICLOUD credentials, so if someone were to take your iPhone they wouldn't be able to turn that off and wipe your phone. It will be completely locked and protected," Cheng said.

There has been a steady stream of people all day long at the flagship store and they do think they have enough inventory to last until the store closes.

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