Obama fainting woman at speech says she feels better

October 22, 2013 (WASHINGTON)

Karmel Allison was one of several people invited to stand with the president as he explained recent problems with the Obamacare website rollout.

"I'm feeling much better now, thank you," she said afterward. "It wasn't actually that long. I guess the 20 minutes of the talk and we had come out right before the president but, you know, after -- I'm 20 weeks pregnant at this point and I hadn't had that much to drink that morning because I was worried about possibly needing to go to the bathroom during that speech so I wanted to avoid that. As the sun hit me, I got a little bit light-headed. But everything is OK now and back to normal.

Allison said she was treated by the White House physician. She has Type 1 diabetes and was representing the American Diabetes Association at the event.

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