Chicago boulevards display dozens of sculptures

October 24, 2013 (CHICAGO)

"Sculpture on the Boulevards" is a new effort to bring culture to the neighborhoods.

Dozens of sculptures are on display, including this one called "expanding universe".

The art will decorate the boulevards through next fall. It's the largest temporary installation of its kind ever in Chicago neighborhoods.

Most of the artists are local.

Full list of "Sculpture on the Boulevards" locations:

Logan Boulevard
Eric Lindsey, Expanding Universe, at Rockwell
Austin Collins, Fern Temple IV, at Washtenaw
Michael Brown, Another Thought, at Fairfield
Terrence Karpowicz, Bouquet, at Mozart
Jason Verbeek, Living Sculpture, at Richmond

Independence Boulevard
Peter Gray, A River Runs Through, at Taylor
Ruth Migdal, Flamenco Revisited, at Roosevelt Rd.
Bobby Scribner, Riversnake, at 13th St.

California Boulevard
Robert Craig, Sea Saw, at 24th St.
Kara James, Handmade Revolution, at 25th St.
Leslie Bruning, Love/Embrace, at 26th St.
Jennifer Dickinson, We, at 27th St.
Tess Little, Imagine Peace, at 28th St.
Bobby Scribner, Races, at 29th St.

Western Boulevard
George Toblowsky, My Grandfather's Start-Up, at 41st St.
Dean Langworthy, Airship, at 42nd St.
Mike Helbing, Mike's Pantree, at 44th St.
Gary Kulak, Crown Chakra, at 45th St.

Garfield Boulevard
Andrew Arvanetes, Ark, at Ashland
Kai Schulte, Allegra, at Loomis
David Noguchi, Soar, at May
Mike Helbing, On Point, Dancing with Damocles, at Morgan
John Adduci, Blaam O, at Halsted

For more information about your Chicago Park District, visit or call (312) 742-PLAY(7529) or (312) 747-2001 (TTY).

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