'A Christmas Story' statue immortalizes classic scene in Hammond, Indiana

October 29, 2013 (HAMMOND, Ind.)

Well, Flick is the child who got his tongue frozen to a flag pole in an unforgettable scene. Now, Flick has come home to Hammond, Indiana.

The Indiana South Shore Convention Authority proved once again that some scenes from movies never die, as in the classic "A Christmas Story" set in Hammond.

And to commemorate a frozen moment in time, a bronze statue has been sculpted to takes us back in time-- back to 1983 when the movie came out. A bunch of kids on a midwinter playground triple dog dared a boy named Flick to stick his tongue on a frigid flagpole. But let's get back to that later, in present day Hammond and the unveiling of the statue. Scott Schwartz, who played Flick in the movie, was there.

"I'm pretty much speechless at this point. I mean, that's pretty awesome. That's amazing. It's breathtaking," said Scott Schwartz, actor.

Schwartz was 15 when he played the part of Flick thirty years ago. It was a small budget movie but it has lasted forever showing over and over again at the holidays. And it's all because of that playground scene with his tongue flash frozen to that ice cold flag pole. He took the triple dog dare and lost. How did they do that?

"It was a plastic pole with a suction cup. They put a little hole in it and it was like a vacuum cleaner when you think about it. Suuuuuuck! Same thing just smaller," said Schwartz.

The $40,000 work was created by Rotblatt-Amrany of Highwood, the same people who bronzed Michael Jordan.

It's a classic movie filled with classic scenes, but this is the one scene everyone always remembers.

"There are people who say they won't watch the scene. They'll fast forward past the scene or they'll just skip the scene. They think it really hurt, it really happened," said Schwartz.

The statue is now on permanent display at the Indiana Welcome Center in Hammond.

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