Bacon-scented deodorant POWER BACON hits market

November 8, 2013

J&D Foods, whose staple products include Baconnaise and Bacon Salt, said the deodorant sticks cost $9.99 apiece.

The company's website says:

"POWER BACON deodorant is designed specifically for those with active lifestyles - or people who just sweat like pigs.

"Using POWER BACON will probably make everyone drawn to you like you were the most powerful magnet on Earth. And by everyone, we mean friends, acquaintances, beautiful strangers, dogs, bears, swamp alligators, lions and even pigs. It's like an aphrodisiac for your armpits. But use your new power wisely, because with great bacon power comes great baconsibility.

"Do not eat or hike in the woods without a firearm while wearing POWER BACON."

The bacon-scented deodorant is listed under the company's "Get Weird" products section, along with the Sriracha Candy Canes.

"POWER BACON is the Meaty Fresh evolution of J&D's meat flavored and scented health and beauty products division," the press release says, adding that J&D's goal is to corner a small slice of a booming global deodorant market.

"It's not really a deodorant, it's an odorant," J&D's owner Justin Esch told ABC News. "It's a strong meat-scented musk that comes off your body."

Started by Justin and Dave after Dave won $5,000 on "America's Funniest Home Videos" for a home movie showing his son, 3, hitting him in the face with a whiffle ball - the company aims to make "everything taste like bacon." Hence, the inaugural product, Bacon Salt.

"In just 5 days we sold all 6,000 jars of Bacon Salt we had to people in 15 countries and 25 states -- from our website, out of a garage -- without spending a dime on marketing or advertising," the company website says.

J&D's previous Get Weird innovations have included Bacon Lip Balm, bacon-flavored Mmmvelopes and Bacon Shaving Cream.

"We did some really crazy bacon-related events and stunts, like Baconnaise Wrestling (never again) and launching bacon into space (our greatest failure)," J&D's website says.

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