Bicyclist killed; suspect Robert Vais charged after Hector Avalos dies in Douglas Park accident

December 8, 2013 (CHICAGO)

Police say 54-year old Robert Vais was driving in the 2500-block of West Ogden Avenue when he hit Hector Avalos, 28, who was riding his bike.

Vais stayed at the scene while Avalos was taken to the hospital, where he later died from his injuries.

Avalos' family and co-workers say he was a chef at El Hefe restaurant who loved to cook and go bike riding.

"He always loved to ride his bike. He didn't want to get a car, and he loved...being out there," mother Ingrid Cossio said.

He was one of the guys who was very welcoming to us, busted his butt every day at work. He was always a great chef, great guy," said El Hefe General Manager Justin Massei.

Vais has been charged with driving under the influence and causing a deadly accident. Prosecutors say Vais' blood-alcohol level was over the legal limit when he hit Avalos.

Vais appeared in bond court Sunday where Cook County Judge James Brown set bail at $400,000.

Avalos' mother was in court Sunday, saying she wanted to see the man who killed her son.

"My peace is gone, my son is gone, my baby is gone, I'll never see him anymore," Cossio said.

Members of Avalos' family say they don't think the bond for vais was set as high as it should have been.

(The Associated Press contributed to this report).
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