30 small dogs - mostly puppies- removed from North Chicago apartment

December 17, 2013 (NORTH CHICAGO, Ill. )

North Chicago Animal Control says it needs help with the care and handling before the dogs are available for adoption.

North Chicago Animal Control investigators believe the owner of the dogs was breeding them and it simply got out of hand. As they approached the apartment, there was no indication there was a problem-- but when they opened the door, one official said the smell was overwhelming.

"There was an insect infestation, dog food spread all over the floor, bedding in the living room was soaked with urine," said Dana Duetsch, animal warden.

Thirty dogs were removed from the apartment and the majority of them were in varying degrees of dehydration and malnutrition. Investigators say two dogs were immediately sent to an animal hospital for emergency medical care because they were pregnant. The 42-year-old owner relinquished the animals last Friday.

"It got out of hand and she wasn't able to care for the dogs in a one bedroom apartment," said Sgt. Salvatore Cecala, North Chicago police.

"She cared for the dogs, she loved them," said Duetsch.

The dogs are now at a makeshift kennel inside the North Chicago Police Department. Animal control officials are crediting the neighbor with alerting authorities.

"She did a good thing, their lives are going to be saved. They will get the treatment they need, they will get the socialization they need, they will get to be puppies. I put toys in there," said Duetsch.

The owner relinquished the dogs to the control of North Chicago Animal Control, officials said. Animal Control plans to place the dogs with rescue facilities that will adopt them out when they are healthy.

In the meantime, North Chicago Animal Control is asking for help in the everyday care and handling of the animals.

To help the North Chicago Animal Control:

North Chicago Animal Control in need of bedding, pee pads, good quality dry and canned dog food, trash bags, bleach, laundry detergent, spray bottles, towels, blankets, ammonia, gloves and disposable containers for food as they continue to care for the dogs.

Anyone interested in helping with the dogs on a volunteer basis should call (847) 596-8774 and leave a contact number.

Charges are pending against the 42-year-old owner.

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