Stray dog found in blizzard

January 16, 2014 8:40:36 PM PST
A Northwest Indiana woman has been searching for a new home for a stray dog that she found wandering outside in a blizzard.

Andrea Kutzko found "Buddy" in a snowstorm in Griffith, Ind. on January 5th. Kutzko says she tried dropping the dog off at animal shelters around her area, but they're all filled to capacity and don't have space.

"We would never have imagined our Animal Control office could not take a stray dog," Kutzko said. "Our option was to care for him ourself or euthanize."

Kutzko and her family have set up a Facebook page to find a new home for Buddy:  Buddy and the Blizzard.

Buddy appears to be a pit bull terrier mix, and displays some food aggression, which is not uncommon for dogs found on the street. Anyone interested in adopting Buddy should contact Kutzko through  Buddy's Facebook page.