2008 Bugatti most expensive at $1.5M at Chicago Auto Show; Oil change costs $5,000

January 7, 2014 (CHICAGO)

"There're so many choices they never had before if they haven't shopped for a car in a really long time, they're going to be surprised! We have electric cars, we have hybrid cars, diesel cars, turbo cars," Kurt Schiele, Chicago Auto Show chairman, said.

Major advances in automotive design, efficiency and safety.

"Active safety is a big, big movement now. A lot of cars, even affordable cars like the ford fusion, the Toyota Camry offer forward collision warning as an option," Joe Wiesenfelder, senior editor, Cars.com, said. BMW has several of these safety features available, including active blind-spot detection, collision mitigation and lane departure warning. On the technology end, all the manufacturers are going after a kind of connected car approach, where your car connects to your smart phone. Fuel economy remains front and center, with more choices than ever! Tucked away in the showroom corner, one of the biggest draws - you got your Ferrari, you got your Lamborghini, and you got your Bentley.

Also, the Bugatti, the most expensive car at the show. At $1.5 million dollars, it's a used 2008! The 2014 is $2.4 million, and an oil change costs $5,000.

There's plenty of interactive fun at the show! Three different test tracks give you a sample of how various cars and trucks feel and handle. Whether you're coming to the auto show as a consumer looking to buy, or as an admirer just looking, one bit of advice - wear comfy shoes - there's a lot of ground to cover!

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