Mother buys billboard to draw attention to son's murder investigation

February 14, 2014 (CHICAGO)

Antonio Alves was shot to death last summer and tonight, his mother shares her fight for justice.

"My hope is they say, 'Who is this kid?'" said Rekeia Williams, victim's mother.

That's what Williams wants people driving by this billboard to ask. She says she just wants to know who killed her son.

It's been six months since a gunman fired 30 shots from a stolen car at 18-year-old Antonio Alves.

He was with a group of people at a block party after attending the Bud Billiken parade earlier with his mother.

And despite being hit with ten rounds, he remained conscious, to call 911. He died a short time later at the hospital.

"That was my best friend," said Williams.

He'd just earned his GED and hoped to go to college to become a paralegal, like his mother.

She says he was a good kid who avoided the gangs and drugs and other trouble that many others fall into.

"I sheltered you from this chaos, why now?" said Williams.

She's has been on leave from her job since her son's murder. And she has been on a mission to try to help police find the killer. But she says detectives have failed to follow up on numerous leads, and the case remains unsolved.

The police report notes the stolen car the suspects were driving was found a short time later several blocks away. It had been torched.

But there is no information about interviews with witnesses or any other evidence.

That's why Williams used her savings to pay for this billboard.

She says it's part of her effort to put pressure on detectives to investigate.

"I'm not satisfied," said Williams. "My son is a file folder in the Chicago Police Department."

Chicago police will only say that it's an open investigation, and no arrests have been made. The family is offering a $5,000 reward for information.

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