Monica and Andy, kids apparel line, uses models with disabilities

February 15, 2014 (CHICAGO)

Monica and Andy has clothing for children up to 3 years old.

Monica Royer is the co-owner of the 3-month-old company. She is also mother to 3-year-old Bella.

''We are trying to make clothing we feel kids can look great in but also have a lot of fun,'' Royer said. ''We also really wanted to focus on the quality of our fabrics,'' she said.

''We wanted to make sure that our prints were very vibrant and fun so that they would be super soft for children's skin,'' Royer said.

One of the clothing line's goals is to get mothers involved.

''Obviously a huge part of the business is marketing and we've been very fortunate thus far that we've had moms involved of every level of our business,'' Royer said.

Katie is a photographer and mother of 4-year-old, Grace, with Down syndrome. Katie is also co-founder of Changing the Face of Beauty.

''We encourage advertisers locally and internationally to include individuals with disabilities in their everyday advertising campaign,'' Katie said.

"Me wanted to just have integrative campaigns that showcased all different children,'' Monica said. ''As soon as I talked to her I just fell in love with her and we quickly invited her to come to the fashion show,'' she said.

''My goal is to provide imagery that is attractive to advertisers and designers so that they too will see the beauty that I see in all individuals that happen to have disabilities and give them a little more encouragement to include,'' Katie said.

''I think one that taught me so much in the short time that I've known her that I definitely that that we will definitely try to find more children just to integrate in our campaigns,'' Monica said.

''I feel like imagery is one of the strongest forms of communication that we have and when you see it you believe it,'' Katie said.

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