Near-death experience inspires John Nichols to start Disability Resource Group Inc.

March 9, 2014 (CHICAGO)

20 years ago, John Nichols, at the age of 32, became disabled and started a national insurance agency that protects people when they become disabled.

Nichols is currently the present of Chicago-based Disability Resource Group Inc.

''The sole purpose is to help educate the consumer, the public on the value of protecting their capabilities in the event they have an accident or illness, a disability that prevents them from working,'' Nichols said.

''It's near and dear to my heart,'' he said.

Nichols says that during a near death experience, he broke his neck, which caused his disability. As a result, he spent six years out of work.

"My disability insurance policy provided not only the income but the funds to get the rehabilitation services that I needed to put my body back together,'' Nichols said.

Looking at Nichols, you wouldn't know he sustained serious spinal cord injuries.

''I still have paralysis and nerve damage in my right hand and really the right side of my body from my hips to my knees, and my right foot,'' he said.

Nichols says he goes through a fatiguing process.

Despite his physical challenges, Nichols has completed a number of Chicago Marathons.

''I raised $26,000 for Danielle and the Spinal Cord Injury Assciation, he said.

Between running a company, traveling, public speaking and training for marathons, Nichols found time to write a book called, ''Income Protection: The Conversation.''

He says he wrote the book to tell the story right and help other insurnace professsionals share share something with customers. He wanted to help customers understand the value of protecting their abilities.

Nichols has another book that will bepublished soon titled, ''Six Steps to Daily Victories.''

''Sometimes in life, we get so caught up in the future that we miss out on the value of today, and each one of us has a daily victory,'' Nichols said.

Nichols was selected for the 2014 '100 hot insurance businesses in America'.

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