Neighbors: Northbrook synagogue violates city code

April 8, 2014 (NORTHBROOK, Ill.)

For decades, 3465 Techny Road was private residential property owned by the same person. After the owner died, the land was sold and then donated to the Darchei Noam Glenbrook Synagogue and the Northbrook Orthodox congregation plans to build a 8,300-square foot building and parking lot right in the middle of a neighborhood. The synagogue would be behind Becky Charous' home.

"Our concern is we are going to lose all the privacy that we have. The synagogue plans to remove every tree that buffers our property," Charous said.

Charous said more than 200 neighbors, many who are Jewish, signed as petition against building a synagogue on 1 and 1/2 acre piece of property. Peter Amarantos, who is with the Northfield Township Road District, is worried about increased traffic on the two lane Techny Road and possible flooding.

"The building will create it because it's all going to be hardscape, there is going to be retention, we don't think it's going to be enough," Amarantos said.

Charous and Amarantos worry their concerns are not being addressed by the Village of Northbrook because the synagogue can legally build without public input.

"Because it has R2 zoning, religious use is permitted and no input is required from neighbors," Charous said.

The project requires just a building permit.

"We are addressing all the concerns and doing everything the village has asked and more," Dr. David Dobkin, the president of Darchei Noam Glenbrook, said.

If the permit is granted, Charous said she can't stop the synagogue from being built. But she and other neighbors want some relief.

"We want the village to stand up and say you need buffer, protect the neighbors who live here," Charous said.

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