Michigan town tells residents 'Do your civic doody,' report suspect who pooped on playground slide

Officials in Ypsilanti, Michigan erected this sign after someone pooped on park slides.

April 19, 2014 7:21:31 PM PDT
A person of interest is in custody in the search for the suspect dubbed everything from the "Poopetrator" to "Public Enemy Number 2."

Billboards featuring sayings like "Do your civic doody" and "Flush the pooper" have popped up all over one Michigan town after police say someone went Number 2 on a slide at a public park.

"I'm keeping my kids off the slide for awhile until this really blows over and clean up a little bit, to I look all over on the ground. I do what I think is my own personal duty for my community," park visitor Sean Rouna said.

Police put up extra cameras in the area and are now questioning that person of interest.

The company behind the catchy billboards say they hope it discourages anyone from trying the stunt again.