Elmhurst: 'Hot Dog Lady' must move across street

The so-called "Hot Dog Lady of Elmhurst" has had her stand for more than 20 years.
April 21, 2014 9:00:25 PM PDT
The so-called "Hot Dog Lady of Elmhurst" Pam Uslander has had her stand for more than 20 years, and has been on the same corner for over 10 years.

But brick-and-mortar businesses have complained there are plans to build a huge parking lot and the area can get congested at times. Under the guise of public safety, the Hot Dog Lady risked losing her pushcart license.

There was an hour's worth of debate, but on Monday night, the city council in Elmhurst voted to make her move across the street. She wonders how long it will be before they vote again -- to move her out of town.

"They won, they won. You know, they say this is the David and Goliath story, and David can win. Well, David didn't win this time, Goliath won," said Uslander.

The Hot Dog Lady says she has not been able to get a business license to open her pushcart for the season while the debate has continued.