Rauner collects 'more than enough' signatures for term limit measure

April 30, 2014

He said he has more than enough to support a ballot measure to ask voters if there should be term limits for lawmakers.

"We are taking the term limits initiative to the voters directly," Rauner said.

Almost 600,000 signatures on nearly 68,000 pages were bound together in a 1,600-pound, 36-foot-long box to be delivered to the Illinois State Board of Elections. Rauner is leading the effort to put eight-year term limits on state lawmakers.

"Serve the voters and then leave office," he said. "We think that's fundamentally good government reform."

In order to put a constitutional amendment before the voters in November, the measure needs 290,000 valid signatures. The legislation would also change the sizes of the house and senate and increase the super-majority needed to override a governor's veto.

"If you get down here, and by the time you learn your job, it's time to leave," said State Rep. Chris Welch. "You wouldn't be effective."

A bill to limit the terms of the governor and other statewide officers was killed Tuesday when controlling democrats would not call it for a vote.

"They killed it because they like the status quo of what's going on in Illinois," said State Rep. Jim Durkin, minority leader.

"The Republican Party is a party of reaction, and this is a Republican Party politics," said State Rep. Mike Madigan, house speaker.

"We have career politicians who are fundamentally corrupt engaging in patronage, cronyism and failing the people of our state," Rauner said.

Rauner used the petition announcement to continue attacks on incumbent Pat Quinn, whose 2010 anti-violence program is now under investigation by the Cook County State's Attorneys Office.

Quinn said his administration uncovered and fixed problems in the program two years ago.

"Anytime there's a problem, I don't run away," said Gov. Pat Quinn. "I take it on, head on, on behalf of the common good."

"Looks like the whole thing was more of a slush fund for electoral politics," Rauner said of Quinn's anti-violence program.

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