Suburban company provides employment opportunities for people with autism

CHICAGO (WLS) -- April is National Autism Awareness Month, celebrating the differences and promoting acceptance of autistic individuals around us.

Studies show adults diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder struggle with unemployment or under employment at an alarmingly high rate. According to a study by the A.J. Drexel Autism Institute, young adults with autism had the lowest rate of employment compared to their peers.

"While 58% of those on the autism spectrum ever worked during their early 20s, over 90% of young adults with emotional disturbance, speech impairment, or learning disability ever worked, as well as 74% of young adults with intellectual disability," the report said.

Dave Friedman is the CEO and founder of AutonomyWorks, an organization in the Chicago suburbs working to create jobs for the more than one million potential workers with Autism Spectrum Disorders. AutonomyWorks leverages the unique talents and abilities of people with autism to provide their clients with essential services. Their mission: to change the way the world views people with autism.

Friedman tell us more about how his company is helping to bridge the opportunity gap for people with autism.
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