Family of man killed in Carol Stream police shooting files lawsuit, says he was alone, unarmed

'Behind a ballistic shield, they barged in and shot him through the heart,' an attorney said

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Wednesday, February 28, 2024
Family of man killed by police says he was asleep, files lawsuit
The family of a man shot and killed by Carol Stream police said he was sleep when they entered his home, and filed a lawsuit.

CAROL STREAM, Ill. (WLS) -- The family of Isaac Goodlow, who was shot and killed by Carol Stream police, filed a lawsuit Wednesday.

The suit is against the village of Carol Stream and six unnamed police officers, and claims Goodlow's constitutional rights were violated.

The family asked for judgement against the defendants and damages.

Carol Stream police said on Feb. 3, officers were responding to a domestic violence call and walked into what they described as a "tense" situation.

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Goodlow's family said, based off the video they were allowed to see, he was home alone in his apartment when multiple officers entered.

The family said the video did not show the 30-year-old throwing any object at police, unlike what they say police originally told the family.

Furious members of the family gathered outside Goodlow's Carol Stream apartment complex Wednesday, grieving the death of their loved one.

"From what I've seen, he got ambushed. He didn't even know. He didn't even see it coming," Goodlow's uncle Henry Pigram said.

Civil rights attorneys Steven Hart and Andrew Stroth represent two of Goodlow's sisters.

"A man in his own bedroom, unarmed. Behind a ballistic shield, they barged in and shot him through the heart," Hart said.

"The officers entered without a warrant; they entered without probable cause. They entered without consent," Stroth said.

Pigram, who saw the bodycam video, said police acted "recklessly."

"It was wrong; they violated his rights," he said. "He did not defy the police. He was asleep. This is wrong. This is wrong."

The Goodlow family and their attorneys said the evidence is clear Goodlow was alone and unarmed when officers shot and killed him.

"While he lie on the floor bleeding, they tased him. And, if that wasn't enough excessive force, they put his hands behind his back and cuffed him, without rendering any aid, or treatment or care," Hart said.

The DuPage County State's Attorney's Office and public integrity team have taken over the investigation. So far investigators have yet to release any details of what led to Isaac Goodlow's death.

The Carol Stream Police Department said it has not yet seen the lawsuit, and will review it when they do.

They said they hope to release the entire body camera footage from the officers involved in the incident in the very near future.

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