Phone Fury: More customers speak out against cellphone repair store

An ABC7 I-Team Investigation
CHICAGO (WLS) -- More customers have phone fury after disputes with a local smart phone repair man.

Customers said Hayssam Atrache, a phone repair man who owns four stores called "Phone Fixed 4 Less," does shoddy work and raises the prices after he has their phones.

The I-Team started uncovering the phone fury after people posted disputes on social media. Furious customers started going live on Facebook to share their frustration.

"He took the cash from my wife with no receipt...she didn't take a receipt and now he doesn't want to give the phone back owner," said one customer.

Complaints range from raising prices on people after they've handed over their phones, adding additional repairs and returning "fixed" phones with new problems.

"I paid $250 and my phone is still not working," said customer Kasia O'Brien.

O'Brien said she first paid $125 to fix her cracked screen, but then Atrache demanded more for another repair.

"I gave him the additional $125 and he gave me my phone and it was missing a home button!" she said.

She recorded audio, begging the owner to give that missing button back.

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Kasia O'Brien paid $125 to fix her cracked screen, but then says Atrache demanded more for another repair.

Rebecca Hernandez, another customer, said her price increased by hundreds for what she called poor repair jobs on two phones.

"He promised a glass to cover that what he ended up putting on was plastic that eventually fell off once the glue was deteriorated," Hernandez said.

At first, Atrache avoided the I-Team, but then decided to talk.

"I do my best to make customers happy," he said.

The city's business affairs and consumer protection cited Atrache with 20 violations, most of which were for "engaging in prohibited acts."

Atrache did not respond to those citations. He faces up to $142,000 in fines.

If you are getting your phone repaired, research the company first online and make sure you have a written estimate, and always get a receipt or a claim ticket.
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