Exclusive: Man carjacked at gunpoint recalls terrifying ordeal amid rash of Chicago armed robberies

Jeep Grand Cherokee used in carjacking linked to Lincoln park robbery, officials say

ByChristian Piekos WLS logo
Friday, December 16, 2022
Exclusive: Victim speaks out after 'maddening' Bucktown carjacking amid rash of Chicago robberies
The vehicle stolen from a woman at gunpoint in Lincoln Park was used in a violent Bucktown carjacking that left a man with stitches.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- A victim of a violent carjacking in Chicago's Bucktown neighborhood spoke exclusively with ABC7 Friday about the attack.

Police said the crime occurred in the 2000-block of West St. Paul Avenue at about 10:10 p.m. Wednesday.

The victim, who did not want his name used, said he was just parking his car before going to have drinks with his wife and a friend when he was suddenly struck in the back of the head.

"It was sort of a wham, dazed, stars a little bit," he said. "Turn around, sort of a 'what was that?"'

His right ear is held together by stitches two days after being robbed at gunpoint.

He said he had just gotten out of his VW Jetta when seconds later, "One guy on the left had a handgun, guy on the right didn't. Both had masks on. One of them said, 'give me your keys.' I had my hands up."

The masked suspects took his phone and wallet before taking off in his Volkswagen Jetta.

VIDEO | Woman robbed at gunpoint in Lincoln Park as CPD announce 4 armed robbery suspects charged

"I saw one of the guys get into a gray Jeep that I found out later was also taken," he said.

City leaders confirm that gray Jeep Cherokee is the same SUV caught on surveillance camera being taken in Lincoln Park earlier this week.

The Jeep belongs to 70-year-old Diana DeJacamo, who was also robbed at gunpoint in broad daylight while walking her dog.

"I sound like a dad here, but it's disappointing," the carjacking victim said. "It's one of those like, 'Why? What's the point?' It's frustrating. Maddening."

The victim told ABC7 he loves Chicago and doesn't plan to leave or change the way he lives his life even after being attacked.

"I guess the silver lining is that it's getting out there and more people are aware and hopefully neighborhood cameras or whatever catch them," he said.

However, he is asking his neighbors to keep stay vigilant.

"I think it's just when you park on the street, look around before you park," he said. "Look around, be aware which I feel like I've always done, but I guess more so than before."

The victim said that he is confident he is going to get his car back after it was stolen.

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