Chicago Christmas caravan delivers gifts to kids on South and West Sides

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Tuesday, December 26, 2023
Chicago Christmas caravan delivers gifts to kids on South, West Sides
The annual Chicago Christmas caravan helmed by volunteers with Mothers Against Senseless Killing delivered nearly 1,000 gifts to kids Monday.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Volunteers with Mothers Against Senseless Killing packed their cars with carefully wrapped Christmas gifts Monday and delivered them to kids on the South and West Sides.

Nearly 1,000 presents were distributed to girls and boys of all ages at five different locations.

"People, children and adults need to see that someone cares. Someone of their own caliber that lives in their own community, actually cares about them. And are willing to come out," said volunteer Gale Saulsberry.

Already in its seventh year, the Christmas Day caravan was born out of the idea that it is the children in the most violent parts of the city that are most in need of some normalcy and holiday cheer.

"We watch the news all year like everyone else does so we are really in tune with where there has been a lot of violence in the last year. Where there is fear, stuff like that. We're in tune with that so all throughout the year we are figuring out the stops we're going to be making," said Tamara Manasseh, founder of MASK.

In addition to the gifts, children got to take pictures with Santa. A speaker playing Christmas songs in the background beckoned folks to come out of their homes and see what was going on. The delight was infectious, from kids and adults.

"It's the first time I've seen this. I love it. It is almost going to make me cry," said resident Angelia Simmons. "Especially for the people who don't really get to give a lot of stuff this is surprises me, I love this."

"They gave her a gift as soon as we got out here. This is wonderful. Mothers against senseless killings is doing a great job. We need more of that in all communities, not just this one, but this is very nice and touching. I thank you all for coming out for these kids," said resident Reeva Arline.