Would-be burglar falls through ceiling while breaking into Buena Park bakery | VIDEO

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Friday, April 19, 2024
Would-be burglar falls through ceiling at North Side bakery | VIDEO
A would-be burglar fell through a ceiling while breaking into Klein's Bakery & Café in Buena Park on North Broadway Street, surveillance video shows.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- An attempted burglary at a North Side bakery was caught on a surveillance camera, and the suspect found a unique way to break in.

He broke in through the ceiling, and it wasn't the first time the Buena Park bakery was hit.

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Frustrated might be an understatement for the owners of Klein Bakery on North Broadway after experiencing their third break-in this year.

The surveillance video of the incident is shocking. A man can bee seen breaking the dry wall and falling through the ceiling and onto one of the prep tables.

He then makes his way around the shop. The owners believe he was searching for cash.

They stopped leaving cash in the store after the first two break-ins earlier this year. One of them happened in March and the other happened in February.

The man came away empty handed the most recent time around, but Jessica Klein said she feels hopeless because they've tried everything they can to prevent the break-ins.

:36/Jessica Klein/ owner

"What's most frustrating about it is there's nothing we can do to prevent this, because we have security camera," Klein said. 'We have alarm system, and we lock the doors, and this person just came through the ceiling."

The shop will have some repairs to do to the ceiling and table, and they're hoping police will find the man soon.

The owner said police have a person of interest they're looking for.