Delicious & Different: Exploring Chicago pizza styles

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Chicago has a lot more to offer than deep dish pizza. Pizza salad, double decker and pizza covered in pickles are just some of the delicious pies that are "outside the box."

Here is what's on the menu:

Pizza + Salad = Pizzalad.

Cold pizza never tasted so good! What happens when a pizza meets a salad head on? It becomes Pappi's famous Pizzalad, and it sells out daily.

"It was a foreign concept for a lot of our customers because they weren't used to eating pizza cold. Something that no one has ever tried before and nobody that we know has offered a pizza salad like this," said Jeffery Ramirez of Pappi's.

Pickle Pizza

Pickle fanatics are loving this pizza from Langel's in Highland, Indiana. The Big Dill Pizza is covered with a garlic cream cheese base and topped with mozzarella cheese, pickles and dill weed.

Five Squared Pizza

Order early and often if you want to snag one of these pies. The owners of Five Squared Pizza, a food truck and commissary kitchen in Chicago's Garfield Park neighborhood, think the Motown classic can compete in Pizza City, USA.

Double Decker Pizza

If one pizza wasn't enough. How about two pizzas stacked on top of each other at Bill's Pizza & Pub in Mundelein.

Professor Pizza

It's not an accredited college but a restaurant in the Windy City is giving its customers a master class in local and global pizza history. Visit Professor Pizza's website here.

Crust Fund Pizza

C.F.P is a monthly pop-up benefiting Chicago charities through the sale of pizza on Instagram. John Carruthers started Crust Fund in the Summer of 2020 while sheltering in place but still wanting to make a difference through his newly-acquired "dad hobby."
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