Chicago police officer charged with battery, misconduct in 2020 CTA Red Line shooting

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Thursday, August 5, 2021
CPD officer charged in 2020 Red Line shooting
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A Chicago police officer has been charged in a 2020 shooting that injured a man at a CTA Red Line station.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- A Chicago police officer has been charged in a 2020 shooting that injured a man at a CTA Red Line station.

Officer Melvina Bogard, 32, has been charged with aggravated battery with a firearm and official misconduct, the Cook County State's Attorney's Office announced Thursday.

Bogard surrendered to authorities and appeared in bond court Thursday afternoon. She was released on a $10,000 I-Bond and under the conditions she have no contact with Ariel Roman or any witnesses in the case.

"We hope the city of Chicago realized that this was an officer that really overstepped her bounds under the Civil Rights Act and using excessive force by shooting Ariel Roman not once but twice," said attorney Gregory Kulis.

Last April the Chicago Police Department recommended Bogard and the other officer involved, Bernard Butler, be fired. Kulis said they believe Butler should have been indicted as well.

The Chicago Police Department said Thursday morning that they have no comment at this time.

The February 28 shooting took place in the CTA's Grand Red Line station.

Roman was critically injured in the incident, which began when police said mass transit officers on a Red Line train saw a man moving from train car to train car, which is against a city ordinance. The officers made contact with the man, later identified as Roman, and attempted to arrest him.

A struggle ensued on the Grand platform as the man resisted arrest, police said. Officers then deployed their Tasers.

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As the man continued to resist, police said one of the officers shot twice. Other mass transit officers came to render aid, and the man was taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

A witness recorded a video showing the struggle, with a man held on the ground by two police officers.

"Everyone that sees the video looks at the video and goes, 'Oh my God,'" Kulis said.

"He was resisting but he was not violent, as far as I could see, and he was unarmed," said Michael McDunnah, who shot the video.

Roughly two minutes pass with police pinning the man to the ground. The female officer called for backup as the man on the ground refused to give up.

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"At some point the male officer said 'shoot him,'" McDunnah said. "The female officer at that point, I think, pulled out her mace and maced him in the face."

That's when the situation appears to escalate. The man staggers to his feet, freshly maced.

"That was the point at which the female officer fired her weapon," said McDunnah.

From there, the video shows the man and officers sprinting up the escalator, and another gunshot can be heard.

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Another witness recorded officers tending to the man after he'd been shot, before taking him away in an ambulance.

Last April, the Chicago Police Department recommended that Bogard and Officer Bernard Butler be fired.


The charges announced today against Chicago Police Officer Melvina Bogard are the first step in ensuring that my client, Ariel Roman, receives the justice he deserves. The footage from concerned bystanders, the Chicago Transit Authority, and the police officers' body cameras leave no doubt that Ofc. Bogart did not act in accordance with the Chicago Police Department use-of-force standards and, in fact, committed criminal acts.

Arial is lucky to be alive and one of the bullets the officer shot him with remains lodged near his spine. Ariel continues to suffer from internal damages and health issues caused by the gunshot. His life is permanently changed because of the actions of this officer and her partner. We stand ready to proceed to trial on this case to ensure Ariel receives justice for the crimes committed against him.