CPD superintendent search narrows down to 6 candidates, sources say

Mayor Brandon Johnson should get 3 names by July 14

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Thursday, June 29, 2023
CPD superintendent search narrows down to 6 candidates, sources say
The search for a Chicago Police Department superintendent has narrowed down to six candidates, sources say. Soon, Mayor Brandon Johnson will choose.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Fifty three people applied to become Chicago's next police superintendent -- the most applicants in decades.

The new civilian oversight body charged with the task of giving Mayor Brandon Johnson three names by July 14 is on target to meet or exceed the deadline.

"We were very intentional on reviewing and making sure to look at all the materials that were provided; it was a challenge it terms of time we had to dedicate, but in terms of process, not in terms of process," said Remel Terry, a commissioner with the Community Commission for Public Safety and Accountability, or CCPSA.

The commission would not confirm or deny specifics on the search, but sources said it has been whittled down to six names:

- Larry Snelling, a longtime CPD officer, former commander of the Englewood District and current counterterrorism chief

- Ernest Cato III, also a longtime CPD officer, until he retired last year; Cato preceded Snelling as head of the counterterrorism bureau

- Migdalia Bulnes is the department's street operations deputy

- Angel Novalez is with CPD's Office of Constitutional Policing and Reform

- Donna Rowling is CPD's labor relations divisions commander

- Shon Barnes is the Madison, Wisconsin police chief and the only outsider of the six

"I think we really took into consideration all that we have heard from various stakeholders, whether it was listening to officers, community groups and subject matter experts," Terry said.

Terry said public meetings all over the city have helped. She said achieving equity is the No. 1 issue officers and community members want to see in the next superintendent.

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"Ensuring that public safety looks the same no matter where you are in the city, and also internally, when decisions are being made officers are being considered in those decisions," Terry said.

After the commission submits names to the mayor, he has 30 days to pick one.

City Council has another 60 days to confirm his choice.

It's likely Chicagoans will not see a new police superintendent until September.