Chicago police superintendent points finger at courts amid violence surge

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Monday, June 28, 2021
Chicago police point fingers at courts over rising violence
Chicago police are pointing fingers at procesutors and the courts as the city struggles with summer violence, but the courts say the cops don' thave their facts straight.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- CPD Superintendent David Brown pointed fingers at prosecutors and the courts, saying they take some of the blame for rising violence in the city.

But they are disputing those claims, saying the superintendent doesn't have his facts right.

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In a press conference after another weekend marred by multiple mass shootings that are being blamed on ongoing gang conflicts, Supt. Brown said there are many contributing factors.

"Too many guns, too many illegal guns in the wrong hands," he said.

But he also took aim at prosecutors, suggesting they are soft on gun offenders.

"I would say the reason why we're seeing so many mass shootings, we have strong advocacy in the courts for offenders and very little for victims," Brown said.

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A spokeswoman for Cook County State's Attorney Kim Foxx responded, saying the superintendent's "premise is completely false," adding, "We approve 94% of gun cases that come to our office."

Sarah Sinovic also pointed the finger back at police, saying, "Justice for the victims means getting the shooters off the street."

Brown and Mayor Lori Lightfoot also expressed frustration with the courts.

"Our criminal courts have been shut down for 15 months. They need to reopen. And we need to see the wheels of justice moving for our victims and their families," Mayor Lightfoot said.

Chief judges responded, saying they've been having jury trials since mid-March, and even though they are not happening as frequently due to ongoing pandemic restrictions, a spokeswoman pointed out that most criminal cases resolve through bench trials, guilty pleas or charges being dropped.

The mayor did also call out the shooters, saying they won't let the criminal justice system play out, but instead mete out street justice in their thirst for revenge.