Chicago shooting in South Shore kills man, leaving family devastated, baffled

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Saturday, October 23, 2021
Family devastated by son's murder on South Side
Oliver McCall, Jr. was found dead from multiple gunshot wounds on the city's South Side. His family is devastated and baffled by why he would have been killed.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Oliver McCall, Jr., son of a former heavyweight champion, was fatally shot in South Shore. His family has no idea why.

"What they did broke our hearts: his loved ones, his friends, his parents, and the community," said Mariah McCall, sister.

McCall was found early on the morning of Friday, Oct. 15, when several shots were fired behind the family's building on South Yates near 79th Street. One of his sisters saw the crime scene before she knew the victim was her brother.

"Who or what happened, you had no regard for his life," said Natasha McCall, sister. "When you ran into him, because he's not a man of conflict, he's a man of peace and resolution."

McCall was a father, a mentor, and had just started a business. He was working an overnight security job to save money for his new clothing line. He was also the youngest son of former heavyweight champion Oliver McCall, Sr.; one of seven children.

McCall had gotten off work and was walking his mom to the bus stop before daybreak the night he was killed. She made it safely to work; he didn't make it home.

"He was doing the noble thing, the responsible thing as a leader to walk his mother, to make sure she got where she needed to be safely," Natasha McCall said. "We were robbed of a beautiful life."

Chicago police ask anyone with information to contact them, or to submit an anonymous tip at

The family has started a GoFundMe to help pay for his funeral and celebration of life.