New window donated to young drive-by victim's family

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Thursday, August 4, 2016
CPD welcomes home Tacarra Morgan
Chicago police officers welcomed home Tacarra Morgan, 6, a week after she was shot in a drive-by.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- It was a difficult reminder of a drive-by shooting that wounded a 6-year-old girl last month.

But a team effort is helping one family move forward.

Home Depot and a Chicago police officer, who's also a carpenter, replaced a window in front of Tacarra Morgan's home in West Englewood.

It was damaged by the gunfire that also wounded the little girl as she sat on her front porch.

Home Depot and the officer fixed it for her family, free of charge.

Tacarra was wounded in a drive-by shooting and is expected to make a full recovery.

Tacarra has some great support from family and from the Chicago Police Department. Several officers took a photo with her in July, when she came home from Comer Children's Hospital.

They tweeted the photo, saying they are her blue angels.

Tacarra was with her mother and grandmother when three cars headed down South Paulina Street stopped near an alley near West 59th Street. Someone got out of one of the vehicles and fired two dozen rounds. Then another person fired a couple dozen shots toward a third person running through a vacant lot.

A bullet hit the child as she was running to get inside her house.

"That's real unfair because a 6-year-old child can't even go outside and play. That's terrible. At 1 o'clock in the afternoon, you shooting like fools," said Carolyn Morris, Tacarra's mother.

"I don't really feel safe. I really don't. But I don't got no other choice," said Johnnie Morris, Tacarra's grandmother.

No one is in custody.

The CPD has directed all resources in the Bureau of Detectives and the Bureau of Patrol to be dedicated to gathering community intelligence in the case.

Morgan is one of at least 19 children under age 10 to be shot in Chicago just this year alone.